Introducing Planning Genie

Introducing Planning Genie

Navigating the planning system can be difficult. When starting a planning project, how do you know what you need to do and where to go to find advice. How do you meet the expectations of local planning authorities in order to achieve planning permission?

For anyone who is not a planning professional, understanding the jargon and dealing with the planning system can be very daunting. The system encompasses policies, processes and guidance that can stand between you achieving planning permission and realising your property dreams.

With many councils no longer offering pre-application advice, and Planning Officers often not available to discuss ideas and proposals informally, Planning Genie provides an alternative.

Planning Genie offers pre-recorded masterclasses, delivered by professionals, giving access to expert planning knowledge and insight. Accessible online, the masterclasses are available instantly, whenever needed.

The masterclasses focus on the most common planning projects to help home and landowners realise their property potential. The masterclasses do not replace the use of Planning Professionals such as planning consultants, architects or solicitors but provide an additional means by which home and landowners can become better informed on their planning journeys.

Seven masterclasses are available initially covering the most popular planning projects including extending your home, building a house in your garden and barn conversions. There is also a masterclass on the planning application process, guiding applicants through the different types of application, key stages and timescales.

Each masterclass focuses on the relevant planning policies, the essential planning considerations for the type of project, and the common pitfalls to avoid which can lead to a planning refusal. Each masterclass gives guidance on what to consider when applying for planning permission and what to include in your application to increase your chances of gaining planning permission first time.

Chartered Planning Consultant Charlotte Watkins MRTPI, is the technical founder of Planning Genie. With over 20 years’ experience working for both Local Authority and independent planning consultancies, Charlotte has a strong desire to use her experience to challenge the sector and create new ways to support people in their planning journeys.  Charlotte is joined by fellow founder and entrepreneur Alice Porter MBA, providing the business aspects of bringing Genie to life.

Planning Genie will continue to develop its range of masterclasses to help as many people as possible navigate the planning system with ease. Planning Genie also recognises the opportunity to contribute to the Government’s Digital Planning programme and hopes to engage with Local Authorities on some of the innovative projects taking place seeking to improve digital planning services for residents and officers. 

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