Need More Space?

Need More Space?

Winter is the time we traditionally hanker down, stay home and reflect . Reflection is aided by both mental and physical space.  Longing for more space is a common feeling at this time of year. 

What if you can’t find a property for sale that meets your growing needs. Should you consider alternative options such as extending, converting or even building a new home in your garden? Such options potentially increase the value of your current property whilst offering a short term solution to the space dilemma.

It is also far less hassle to make the most of what you currently have than it is to go to the time and expense of moving. When you work in an area, your children go to the local school and your friends and family are close by, moving house can really disrupt your life. 

Often the uncertainty of not knowing the cost and time involved, and likelihood of getting planning  permission acts as a barrier. 

Where do you go for guidance and insight on whether it's possible to extend, convert or construct to create the extra space you are looking for? You could go to your Local Planning Authority (LPA), share your plans, pay a pre-application fee, which varies in cost between £200 - £600 depending on the type of proposal, to seek the LPAs support in principle. Or, you could contact an independent planning consultant and seek their expert advice. A consultant will make a site visit, explain the planning opportunities and constraints, check the relevant planning history and planning policies and then confirm your chance of success. This could cost £500 - £750 plus VAT. Both these options take between 2-8 weeks to get answers to your questions.

Now there is a new alternative.

Planning Genie offers instant access to guidance and insight into most common, small scale, residential development options for just £249. Masterclasses are pre-recorded so you can access them at a time that suits you best and work through the material at your own pace. 

Purchasing a one off Planning Genie masterclass will give you access to answer some of your initial questions that will help you decide if there is an alternative to moving house through the creation of additional space instead. It will help you understand what you can and can’t do, and what you would need to consider when writing a planning application in order increase your chance of gaining planning permission.

So if you can’t find the dream home you looking for right now, consider your alternative options. Investing in and extending or converting your existing property might be your best option. 

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