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The Planning Genie Journey

Planning Genie

If a Planning Genie could grant a wish, it would be that the planning system in England was friendly, helpful and accessible to everyone - whether extending your home or expanding your town.

However, the planning system can be slow, unpredictable, frustrating and restrictive.

For anyone who is not a planning professional, understanding the jargon and dealing with the planning system can be very daunting. The system encompasses policies, processes and guidance that can stand between you achieving planning permission and realising your property dreams.

It is difficult to know where best to find information and often planning officers within councils are not available to discuss ideas and proposals informally.

Planning Genie’s pre-recorded, online masterclasses give people anywhere in England, at any time, access to the information they need to start their planning journeys. Genie helps land and property owners navigate the planning system by demystifying the planning process.


Charlotte Watkins, Chartered Town Planner, MRTPI

As a Chartered Town and Country Planning Consultant and a member of the Royal Town Planning Institute, I work closely with homeowners, landowners, farmers, property investors and property professionals who have lots of questions about the ‘what, why, how, and when’ of planning.

I know how clunky the planning system can sometimes be. Through my planning consultancy, LP Planning, I help my clients understand and navigate the planning system. I demystify the policies and processes, unpicking the rules to find the right solutions for their projects. I work to make the planning journey as easy and pain free as possible.

Until the lockdown of 2020, most of my client interactions were face to face and on site. I then started providing online masterclasses and that’s when I realised that I could help more people, in England, demystify the planning system by taking my business online. Planning Genie was born.  

It gives me pleasure to help land and property owners to have a positive experience of the planning system and to increase their chances of gaining planning permission. After 20 years’ experience, I enjoy working with my clients and still get excited by the projects I work on. Through launching Planning Genie, I now have the opportunity to help
more people increase their chances of getting planning permission first


Alice Porter, MBA

I am a serial entrepreneur and investor with an MBA from Henley Business School. Driven by the excitement of setting up new businesses and bringing new products to market, I work with experts in their fields to bring innovation to the problems they see.

I met Charlotte over ten years ago, and we have worked together on a shared vision of establishing a company that could address some of the issues in the planning system.

For those embarking on land and building projects, navigating the planning system can be difficult. We feel strongly that there is opportunity to help people better understand what can and can’t be done, as well as detailing the steps you need to take to improve your chances of getting planning permission for your projects.

My role at Planning Genie is cross functional and focuses on the business aspects of bringing Genie to life. I lead on the development of the business and marketing strategy, and work closely with Charlotte on product development.