Demystifying Planning

Planning Genie offers pre-recorded masterclasses, delivered by professionals, giving you access to expert planning knowledge and insight.

Planning Genie helps you understand the planning system so you can get permission to create your dream development. Access professional planning advice and build your knowledge base to increase your likelihood of achieving successful planning permission.

We make sense of the pitfalls of planning permission so you don’t have to

  • Access to Instant Advice

    Planning Genie leads the way in helping home and landowners realise their property potential. Presented by experts who understand what is required to achieve planning permission. Easy to understand, professional advice is available to you when you need it.  
  • Pre-Recorded Masterclasses

    Access pre-recorded planning masterclasses, anytime, anywhere. Delivered in bite sized, topic focused videos, our experts share their knowledge and insight to help you to understand planning.
  • Navigating the planning system

    Where do you start? Do you need planning permission for your project? How can you meet the expectations of your local council? Access simple planning advice to increase your likelihood of achieving planning permission for your dream project. 
  • Avoid the pitfalls

    What is the planning application process and what are the common pitfalls ? Use our downloadable checklist to guide you through key planning considerations to avoid a planning application refusal.

The Planning Genie Masterclasses

Access expert, professional planning advice, anywhere and at any time.

A range of pre-recorded planning masterclasses to help you understand and navigate the planning system in England. Expand your planning knowledge and improve your chances of planning success.

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