Building a house in your garden

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Building a house in your garden

Building a house in your garden

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The planning rules relating to building a house in your garden


This 57 minute masterclass will explain how to increase your chance of getting planning permission to build another house in your garden. Find out what you need to consider and what to incorporate into your plans before applying for planning permission. The masterclass will:

  • Provide you with an understanding of the planning policies, guidance and consideration applicable to constructing a new house in your garden in England.
  • Cover the common planning showstoppers leading to planning refusals.
  • Give you key information to inform your planning application.
  • Help you increase your likelihood of achieving planning permission first time.
  • Help you maximise the full potential of your property.

Purchase includes a downloadable checklist of the essential and non-essential planning considerations you need to know when building a house in your garden.

This masterclass is not for people wanting to knock down their existing home and replace it with a new one. Guidance on replacement dwellings is covered in the Replacing an existing house with a new build masterclass

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